10 Easy to Follow Steps for Choosing New Workwear

Does your workforce require new workwear? Here are 10 steps to buying new workwear that will help you make the right choices.

1. Your first step should be to consult team and discuss what they think about their current workwear, what they think they need and what suggestions they have. Not all suggestions will be viable, but they know their roles better than anyone and will feel invested in by their employer.

2. Next up, you’ll need to do a little homework and find out what legal requirements the clothing needs to meet. This will protect the company from a legal stand point and, more importantly, help to keep your employees safe.

3. However, you may feel that more can be done to ensure your team’s safety. If so, consider all other safety measures you might be able to take before confirming your order.

4. The clothing you’ll need in the summer may be different to those required in the winter, so make sure you don’t overlook waterproof and warm workwear.

5. In the winter, the afternoons can be extremely dark, making working conditions difficult and increasing the vulnerability of roadside workers. Including high visibility clothing may be needed to keep them seen and safe.

6. You will also want to think about appearance when ordering the workwear, especially those who represent your company off-site. For instance, you may want a corporate look for some employees, while others may require polo shirts that are in keeping with the company colours.

7. Brand awareness is another key consideration when placing the order. Logo clothing, such as cheap T shirt printing and embroidery, could help get the message out about your business and what it does.

8. Before you place the order, make sure you have thought about any extras that could help make your employees jobs easier to perform. An increased number of pockets, for instance, could help them to keep more useful items on their person while out on a job.

9. You may also want to give your team a few choices, so they don’t feel dictated to wear a uniform. This could be a choice between colours or giving them the option of a hoodie or sweatshirt. By making their own choices, employees will feel happier to wear the clothing.

10. Your final consideration should be getting value for money. You want clothes that will last a long time and that won’t wear and tear within a couple of months. You’ll also want a competitive price.

So, when choosing new workwear, follow these steps and don’t forget to think about the benefits of cheap t shirt printing, waterproofs and staff consultation.