Are All Clothes For Yoga the Same?

The first time that you walk into a yoga studio, you may be surprised at the sheer variation of clothing styles that people are wearing. Surely, you have heard that there are clothes for yoga, specifically made for all types of yoga, but you don’t expect to see men in tank tops, ladies in sweats, or everyone barefoot! The truth is that there are specifically designed clothes for yoga, but the ones you choose will likely depend on how serious you take it, how often you do it, whether fashion is important to you, and the type of club you are working out at.

1. Some high-end yoga studios do require that specific clothes for yoga be worn. This means that there should be no cotton tank tops or gym shorts. They want to see women in tight-fitting tanks with built-in bras, and usually black, loose fitting stretchy pants. Men often wear shorts, but not always.

2. Some clothes for yoga are designed for “hot yoga” which means that you will be sweating like a pig during the time you are working out. If you are up to this, then make sure that the yoga clothes you are wearing are, too. Don’t buy clothes with artificial fibers as they will pick up and hold on to unpleasant smells and you might become somewhat unpopular in your class!

3. Finally, always choose clothes from within your price range. There is no point buying high-end clothes if you are going to go to class just once a month. Yoga clothes do come in all price ranges, up to very expensive. But, by shopping around, especially online, you will be able to find some great bargains on yoga clothes that you don’t mind being seen in and fit you properly.

If you are taking your yoga seriously, then invest the money in clothes that fit, clothes that are made for yoga, and one that you can afford. You might be wearing these clothes outside of the yoga studio, too, so keep that in mind when you make your purchases. But, that does not mean that you can’t wear normal activewear in a yoga class. As long as you are comfortable, have the freedom to perform the poses, and do not offend anyone else, then it is appropriate attire. Especially when you are first beginning yoga, don’t worry so much about your clothes and spend more time on the practice itself.