At Tan Jay Clothing, Black and White Make Bold Statement

Long after color photography had arrived, black and white print has kept its charm. Tan Jay Clothing knows why, and has cleverly extended the wisdom to fashion, where it teaches women how to make a bold style statement.

Black and white create a perfect contrast that no other pair of colors could match. In design, they make patterns that are highly distinguishable and thus easily catch attention, be they simple stripes, polkadots, geometric shapes, or animal print.

More importantly, these patterns can be used to form optical illusions to highlight the wearer’s assets. Vertical stripes generally make the voluptuous look thinner and the petite, taller, while horizontal ones can visually enlarge one’s frame. Big geometric shapes on the fabric do the same, and may be used to draw attention to particular spots. Tan Jay’s designers present a collection that capitalizes precisely on these design principles: its Black and White collection features button-down shirts with stripes, mosaic or circle prints.

When used as separates, black and white create contrasting effects: white softens the look; black toughens. White extends the fabric’s edges, while black shrinks it, which is why people on the heavy side rely on black clothing to conceal unwanted bulges. These effects can even be better executed with the use of the right fabric combinations. For example, at Tan Jay, an ensemble features a faux leather coat whose muted shine exudes edge, sophistication and strength. It is paired it a simple white jersey top which hugs the body well.

Black and white outfits are also known to match any skin tone, age group and occasion. And at Tan Jay Clothing, women can find b&w separates – from sleeved and long-sleeved blouses, to slacks and skirts ideal for office as well as casual attire.