Chidrens Winter Clothing and Outerwear For Girls

Today you can easily find fashionable and functional childrens winter clothing thanks to popular brands like Timberland, Levis, Catmini and many others. Branded winter clothes ensure that you get best quality and stylish clothes that will keep your darling daughter cosy.

A huge range of colours is available in outerwear for girls; most popular picks are blue, brown, grey, purple, red and pink. Before choosing any particular jackets, coats or winter wear, you need to consider the weather where you plan to wear it. For those who live where there is considerable rainfall, a waterproof jacket is essential. This article discusses childrens winter clothing for girls that range from warm woollen jackets and knitwear to vests and quilted jackets.

Hooded jackets & Coats

Hooded jackets and coats look great on girls, and you can find them in varied styles and fabrics. You can buy quilted Jackets, duffle coats, wool coats, poncho style coats, padded coats and more. One can choose embroidered jackets, plain jackets with buttons and pockets or those with belts. Multi-coloured stitching and use of the embroideries and embellishments are common as well. Around the hems, cuffs and hood, coloured stitching also is common.

Quilted Vests

Quilted vests are available in a lot of colours and varieties for the girls. Both girls and boys like wearing them as they keep them warm and give a lot of flexibility to move around. Raspberry is a popular colour for girls. Sleeveless vests look great layered over dresses and skirts.


This year, knitwear is particularly popular so knitted cardigans and sweaters are available with interesting patterns on the knit and a great range of colours. Instead of traditional jackets, parents are going for sets. Caps as well as front buttoned coats are available in them. Use of stripes and dots are common in childrens winter clothes for girls.

Faux Fur Jackets

Faux fur jackets look great on girls. It is funky and reflective of the winter months. Super fun colours like pink, and purple are used. In muted tones of jewels, the fashion can turn feminine yet functional. Faux fur is used commonly in girls jackets in the cuffs and also for the hoods and over on the lining of the coats.

Winter Clothes For Girls

Apart from coats, jackets and cardigans, girls winter clothing that you must buy include leggings, tights, scarfs, and ponchos, etc. You can pair leggings with long sweaters, coats or sweatshirt. Leggings can also be worn under skirts to keep the child warm.

Buy clothes from popular brands to ensure you get good quality. Branded clothes are available at affordable prices during sales and seasonal discounts, which is a great time to buy. Online stores like Elfin Childrens Wear offer childrens winter clothes for boys and girls from all well-known and like brands, just visit .