Choosing Dresses for Your Body Shape

If we were all the same, the world would be a very boring place. Everybody is different and this is a good thing but it also means that we all have different styles of women’s clothes that suit us better than others. Women’s dresses for example come in all sorts of different shapes and we can all find something that looks great on us providing we recognize what kind of body shape we have and the shapes of dresses that will suit us best. The most flattering style of women’s dresses or indeed any women’s clothes will be those that disguise or draw attention away from the areas that we least like and highlight the best bits. They are also the styles that minimize or balance out any areas of the body that are disproportionately larger than the rest.

Once you have found which styles of women’s dresses look best on you and suit your body shape, you will find that shopping becomes so much easier and you can always find something to wear. Your wardrobe will become much more versatile and you will avoid mistake purchases and buying dresses that you never wear. It doesn’t matterA� what shape or size you are, you can always look amazing if you pick the right dress to suit your body shape.

Although ever women is completely unique and different, it helps for the purpose of finding the right women’s clothes to try and classify your body shape according to which of the following it is most like. The apple shapes describes ladies who tend to put on weight around the tummy. Apple shaped ladies often have relatively slim arms and legs. Pear shapes describes those ladies who tend to put on weight around their hips and thighs. Pear shaped ladies usually have a relatively small waist and bust. Hour glass shape describes those who have large hips and bust with a relatively small waist. In addition to these body shapes, there is also the rectangle shape which describes those with little definition between the hips, waist and bust. These ladies are usually slim and don’t put on weight easily and can also be described as athletic.

Women’s dresses that suit apple shaped ladies usually have an empire line or low waist. Both of these styles skim over the stomach area and disguise it. They also draw the attention to the slimmer area just under the bust or around the hips. Any dresses that cinch in at the waist or have any pattern or embellishment around the waist should be avoided. Draped style women’s dresses work really well for apple shaped ladies as the diagonal lines of the drapes help to elongate and slim the torso and the draped fabric helps to cover any unsightly lumps or bumps.

Pear shaped ladies look best in dresses which do not cling at all around the hip and thigh area. An a line is usually the most flattering and a belt, sash or any other detail can help to high light the relatively slimmer waist.

Hour glass shaped ladies look great in a fitted dress that skims rather than clings. Most looser fitting styles of dress can be adapted to look great on an hour glass shape by the simple addition of a belt to cinch in at the waist.

Finally, a rectangle shaped lady can wear almost any style of occasion dresses she likes but choosing dresses that help to create curves is the most flattering option. A full skirt that flares from the waist is one way of doing this. You could also add a wide belt or look for dresses with lots of fuss and detail around the bust.A�