Choosing New Workwear in 10 Simple Steps

Are you faced with the challenge of ordering in new corporate workwear? Here are 10 simple steps that should help you avoid the pitfalls and find clothing that will improve efficiency, productivity and ensure your team are safe.

1. Start by making a list of all your employees and separate them up by their roles. Are you ordering workwear for just one department, such as the employees who are out performing physical tasks, or are you looking to get kit for the whole team?

2. What are your priorities when it comes to workwear? Would having your staff look more professional make a big difference to your company? Or are you more focused on making your clothing more practical to aid productivity? These decisions will help you determine what style of clothing you’d prefer.

3. Don’t forget about safety. This should always be a top priority, especially if your employees are involved in tough, manual jobs or hazardous conditions. Do your homework and make sure you’re fully brushed up on the legal requirements you need to meet.

4. As well as meeting legal requirements, talk to your team about any additional safety features that could be useful additions to the workwear. They may have insecurities over certain aspects of their job and, for example, may prefer better quality gloves or footwear than the basic legal specifications.

5. As well as safety, use your consultation with staff and ask about any additional features that might be useful to them. They perform their jobs and so better than anyone else what would make their tasks easier to perform. Extra pockets, for instance, could be a useful inclusion.

6. Keeping staff that work outdoors warm and dry will be important, so waterproof workwear, fleeces, bodywarmers and hats could all be important inclusions.

7. For staff that work indoors, you need to decide how formal you’d like their clothing to be. You pay prefer corporate work wear over polo shirts. If it’s the latter, you may want to also introduce hoodies or sweatshirts, so you employees will be warm enough.

8. For all workwear items, you need to decide on colours and styles. If you have a well-developed brand, you may want to keep everything consistent. That will give off a professional look to the business, both internally and externally where customers will come into contact with your staff.

9. As well as a consistent brand, it’s also sensible to include some company information on the workwear that will be seen by customers and potential customers. From the name of the business to phone numbers or website details, it could help secure further business.

10. Lastly, it’s important to get good value for your money. That doesn’t going cheap, as that’s likely to require numerous replacements and upset staff. Good value will be represented by good quality workwear that gets the most out of your team and will last for a long time.

So, if you’re ready to buy new work wear, it’s time to draw up your requirements and identify a workwear clothing specialist to help you place your order.