Clothing Labels – Its Variety and Uses

Labels serve a lot of purposes and provide information about the product. Moreover, it has a very important role in the marketing of the product. A label actually depicts the quality of the product which in turn promotes more sales and hence brings in high profit to the company. A label can be any material such as paper, plastic, cloth or metal. Labels are present in almost all the items that we purchase such as clothes, shoes, toys, household items and so on.

Here, we discuss specifically clothing labels, its variety and uses. Clothing labels are used to label textiles or garments. It is utilized by a variety of users such as people who stitches at home to designers in the garment industry. The purposes of labeling clothes are:

To indicate the size of the garment whether it is small, medium, large, and so on. In the case of kids clothes, clothing labels indicate the age group.

To indicate the fabric material whether it is made of cotton, wool or silk, or synthetic such as nylon, polyester, etc.

To refer to the brand of the cloth.

To provide wash care instructions such as it should be hand washed or machine washed, whether it can be bleached or not, whether it can be put in a dryer or can be only tumble dried or the temperature for washing and ironing.

To show the designer’s name, designer’s signature or the manufacturer.

To represent the school or the company name in case of school uniforms or worker uniforms.

The labels are placed on the inside or the outside of the clothes. Those that indicate the size are placed on the inside back of the cloth. Labels with the type of material and wash care instructions are normally placed at the side of the garment inside. Labels with brand name, designer’s name or signature are most probably placed on the outside of the cloth. This is a sort of advertising the brand or the designer by displaying the label on the outside of the garment.

Labels are of different types. Based on their uses described above, they are categorized as size labels, care labels, content labels and brand labels. Based on how the information is displayed, the labels are classified into two types- printed clothing labels and woven clothing labels. In printed labels the information is printed on the label using a permanent ink. It is made of either cotton or synthetic material like nylon, polyester or satin. It is cheaper but not that lasting compared to woven types as the printing can fade on washing.

In woven clothing labels the information is woven and hence the chance of fading is nil. But since the material with which it is made is satin or damask which are costly compared to cotton or other synthetics, the production is costly. However due to its high durability and long life it is used in high quality garments. Finally, based on how they are attached to the clothes, the labels are again of stick-on, iron-on and sew-on types.