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Human Rights Abuses During the Syrian War

The armed conflict in Syria is enough indication that humans must seek peace or perish together. The armed conflict in Syria began during the Arab spring protest that shook North Africa and parts of the Middle East. The bad thing is that war has not stopped in Syria since 2011. Nobody predicted that this war would last this long and claim so many lives. More than 500,000 people have been killed because of the armed conflict in Syria.

The Syrian civil war is between the National government of Syria and rebels. The war is complicated because both sides are supported by different nations. Today, no individual knows when the conflict will stop because more lives are getting lost. Every body in world wants and the Syrian war to come to an end.

Human rights Violations

Over 500,000 people have died as result of fighting in Syria. Millions of civilians have also been badly injured due to the war. Millions of displaced people are in camps in Syria but other have managed to escape the country. The numbers of abuses in this war are simply heartbreaking. The Syrian government is responsible for killing hundred of thousands of people. Chemical weapons such as chlorine gas has been used by the Assad regime. The rebels are equally to blame for killing thousands of civilians. In a nutshell, some of international regulations of war have been broken in Syria. Kids and women has been severely injured in the Syrian conflict.

Blocking aid

Aid agencies trying to reach the affected populace have been prevented from reaching their destination by both sides. Food supplies have been blocked from reaching a big population of Syrians who may starve to death, medical aid has also been restricted.

Millions of people all over Syria risk starving to death because of this conflict. Women have also been raped in masses as result of this conflict. Lots of volunteer medical personnel from other countries have also been prevented from accessing the injured patients that need medication the most.

No resolution

The Syrian civil war hasn’t stopped despite many efforts from the UN and Arab league of nations. The Assad regime has refused to sit on the negotiation table saying they are not ready to talk with armed terrorist groups. The Syrian war shows no signs of ending presently. The prayer in the world over is for world leaders to unite in order to end the suffering and death of the Syrian people.

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