Do You Need to Buy Yoga Clothing and Don’t Know Where to Start?

Whenever we start something new, whether it is a class or a job, the first question that comes to mind is usually along the lines of “What should I wear?” That is definitely what I found myself asking when I started taking yoga classes. What constitutes proper yoga clothing, where do you find it and how much will it cost?

One of the great things about yoga is that there really aren’t any formal wardrobe requirements. The focus is on comfort and freedom of movement. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for your yoga wardrobe:

• When shopping for yoga clothing, look for pants that are loose enough to allow you to move freely but form-fitting enough to allow your instructor to see how well you are performing your yoga poses. Knit leggings and sweat pants are a couple of cost-effective choices.

• Yoga shirts follow the same rule as yoga pants. They should be comfortable and loose enough to allow free movement, but not so loose that your teacher can’t see how well you are doing your asanas.

• While there are clothes that are designed specifically for yoga, they tend to cost more than the alternatives. If you have your heart set on yoga-specific clothing you can shop online or head to your local sporting goods store. Just remember to shop around for the best deals.

• Most people perform yoga barefoot, but not everyone is comfortable doing that. If you prefer to wear yoga socks or yoga shoes, check with your instructor to see if they are allowed in your class.

• Try your yoga clothing on before you go to class and practice some yoga poses. There’s nothing worse than finding out halfway through class that something you bought doesn’t fit properly or isn’t comfortable enough for class.

• Yoga clothing varies in price depending on what type you’re buying. If you’re just purchasing basic knit leggings and a t-shirt you can probably get away with spending twenty dollars or less. If, however, you want a designer yoga wardrobe you may end up spending upwards of $100.

There are a wide range of choices out there when it comes to yoga clothing. Decide exactly what you want and what you’d feel most comfortable in and shop around for the best prices. You don’t have to break the bank buying your new yoga wardrobe to look great and feel good.