Good Retail Opportunity in Irregular Clothing

There are lots of clothing manufacturers out there happily turning out heaps of clothes every day. They all have a quality control inspection line where clothes that are not quite perfect are pulled out and separated from the rest. As you can imagine, some of these factories will have a huge quantity of these not quite perfect clothes every week to get rid of. They do that by having a wholesaler contract to take everything that they have classed as irregular. This wholesaler then has to get rid of this clothing and that is where you come in.

With different wholesalers there is different classes of irregulars. The irregular is the highest form of not quite perfect clothing and may include slight color imperfections, sight imperfections or fabric imperfections. Imperfects are the next grade down and may have a whole in the garment. Then there are seconds which usually will require some repair work. Of course the price will reflect the quality of each grade.

What we want to look at here is the best grade or irregulars. Some companies will hand pick their irregulars before they sell which means you can not tell that they are irregulars. The lady on the line at the factory is working hard and fast to keep up and is not inspecting every garment closely so what has been pulled out as irregular may only have a loose thread on it or a fold in the wrong place. The bottom line is. These hand picked garments can be sold as normal in any retail situation and no one can pick that they are irregulars. These are the garments you want to increase your bottom line.

I will give you one of these irregular dealers shortly and they will hand pick and you will get good stock. They deal in mostly T shirts for men, women and kids, shorts, leisure pants, jackets etc and I have seen stuff there from $1.25 per piece. Of course you have buy by the carton lot but that is only a dozen or two of each item. At these prices you can have no trouble beating your competitors and still making a hefty profit. You will find this company in Google, R.G. Riley, and I am sure there are many more. This is just one way for you to compete and keep your bottom line healthy. Remember, most of this clothing is brand new and retails that way. No one is going to know that you bought it from an irregular wholesaler.