The Differences Between Indica and Sativa

Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis indica are two different strains of weed. It is a natural herb that has been known for its medicinal value. It has helped a lot of ailing people across the globe because of its immense range of benefits. The thing is, it is very hard to tell the difference. Most people if asked can hardly tell the difference. See below some ways to tell the difference.

One way to tell the difference is to be on the look-out for the reaction to your body. The indica strain usually leaves the body relaxed and calm while sativa leaves the body energized and with a burst of energy. The duration the effects may last on the person can only be determined by the body metabolism. The two different effects that the two strains have on their consumers is so varied, that one can easily tell the difference based in this alone.

The other difference between the two plants is that they have different and unique ways of causing effects after they have been consumed. It is believed that sativa has an impressive feeling of relieving fatigue. Compared to sativa, Indica has proven to help people who have sleeping problems. The effect it has makes it more effective than sativa in helping people suffering from insomnia.

It is also essential to note that sativa has a broader production compared to Indica. On the contrary, Indica has a small yield capabilities. The production of each plant is determined by the size of the plan. Sativa will yield more as a result of having a large plant. On the other hand, a person who planted Indica shall harvest less given that it has a small plant and the smaller the plant the less an individual shall harvest.The production as well as the effects are two crucial factors to look into when in need of the two products.

The two plants originate from different parts of the world, this is one of the main differences between the two. Indica as its name suggests, originates from the Indian subcontinent which includes India and Nepal. Sativa comes from areas around the equator, countries like Mexico and Thailand. An obvious difference that you will notice when you look at the plant is how it looks The shape and size of the leaves is one visible difference because indica leaves are broader. Sativa leaves are narrow and you can tell the difference simply by looking at them.

Indica varieties when mature don’t grow tall but because of the size of its leaves, it is more dense and its buds grow in clusters make it look very full. When mature, sativa varieties grow pretty tall and have longer buds but when weighed it is lighter. Indica varieties have a stronger odor than sativa. Because indica flowers earlier, it will be harvested before sativa.

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