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Emotionally Connecting an eCommerce Business With Customers

Focusing merely on customer satisfaction isn’t enough. The most effective way to maximize customer value is to connect with customers at an emotional level. How can you do this? Also, how can you get the best merchant services UK? Read this article and you’ll get to know.

 Emotional Connection Between Customers and eCommerce Businesses

It’s important to provide good customer service as it’ll increase customer loyalty and help you acquire new clients. However, this isn’t enough. Making an emotional connection with your customers is another immensely important thing you shouldn’t neglect.

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How to Emotionally Connect With Customers?

Here are several important steps to take to connect your eCommerce business with customers at an emotional level:

  1. Start brand storytelling. Brand storytelling explains how your brand faces your clients’ problems. So, brand stories will tell about your characteristics and values. They’ll build a connection between your customers and you.
  2. Avoid using technical jargons when creating brand stories. Create copy and product descriptions that can help people relate to. Use content that’s emotionally appealing. This will create trust towards your brand.
  3. Use videos and images. Videos are gaining more and more popularity all over the world. Attractive photos provide instant emotional triggers. Use ads, interesting videos and appealing images throughout your website. Consider also using photos of your staff and your offices so the visitors can see who’s behind the brand.
  4. Make customers realize what they’ll be missing if they’re late. Phrases like “Limited Offer” or “Buy Now Before It’s Too Late” can be of great help. Emphasize the benefits of your offer.
  5. The idea of giving something back to the world is great for many people. Be a brand that supports a charity. Find a way to incorporate charity or community work. This will enhance your brand’s awareness, increase your reputation and revenue.
  6. According to studies in the field, 55% of consumers read product reviews online before making a purchase. Have your customer testimonials and reviews clearly displayed on your website.
  7. 19% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts because of the lack of trust towards a website. Display your trust badges, payment provider logos, and SSL certificates on your website.
  8. 23% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts because of the lack of information on the additional costs upfront. Don’t forget display the extra costs on the product page.

Emotional connection with customers is more than twice as valuable as highly satisfied customers. Customers who are emotionally connected with your brand will buy more of your products/services. Also, they’ll visit you more often, will be less price sensitive, will pay more attention to your communications and advice, and will recommend you more.

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