Hourglass Figure Clothing Guide

Nearly every woman wishes to have a body that is shaped like an hourglass. Fortunately, with a handmade hourglass figure dress, you can look as fabulous as the models and celebrities you see on TV. However, in order for you to achieve a stunning look, you have to take a few necessary factors into consideration. For instance, if you are petite, you must try to avoid a solid dark-colored dress as much as possible. You may opt for a handmade hourglass figure dress with a v-neckline and three-quarters sleeves to show off your slim wrists and forearms. In addition, choose a style that will emphasize your tiny waist or a dress that gracefully flows over your curves and creates a longer vertical line.

Then, if you have a full hourglass shape, try to emphasize your waist without highlighting your curves. You can do this by color blocking your wardrobe. For instance, you can opt for a light top and a dark bottom. You may even get a thin belt that will match your handmade hourglass figure dress. Keep in mind that dark colors like brown, charcoal, black, and navy will help you appear slimmer. Also, you may wear a bias-cut handmade hourglass figure dress that has enough room for you to shift. This dress will crease in at your waist if the fabric is light and drapes well. During the day, you may want to consider a shirtdress with a belt.

On the other hand, if your height and body built are average, you can wear a mini handmade hourglass figure dress. This will efficiently show off your beautiful legs. Just make sure that the dress is not too short or it will seem inappropriate. A high-waist skirt, an a-line dress that cinches at your waist, or a pencil-cut handmade hourglass figure dress is also great. Do try to avoid boxy dresses because they will just make you look square. A dress that has a waistline or details that draw attention to your hips must be avoided too. This will make your hips look wider. Moreover, it will be better if you avoid dresses with horizontal stripes. Nonetheless, you can choose a wrap dress which ties around your waist. Flowing dresses such as this one is actually one of your best choices. A monochromatic dress that shows off your hourglass shape is also a good choice.

As for the material of your handmade hourglass figure dress, something medium weight and drapey is ideal because it will really emphasize your proportional curves without clinging too much. A couple of examples are matt silk and crepes. Avoid stiff or thin fabrics for your handmade hourglass figure dress. Your body is already beautiful so it is better if you will steer clear of fabrics that are shiny and have lots of texture.