How Much Do You Really Want a Job?

As an employer, I’m used to interviewing people who are seeking employment. The attitudes of some candidates can be rather surprising, to say the least. It often appears as though they’re not interested in having a job at all.

These attitudes reveal themselves in a number of different ways but the most obvious signal of someone’s intent tends to be the clothes that they’re wearing. I may have a traditional way of thinking, but it always seems to me that a candidate who doesn’t at least wear a suit is probably not taking things seriously enough.

It doesn’t take too much effort to dress correctly for a job interview and it’s a real worry when I see someone who simply hasn’t made the effort. Maybe they’ve not thought about the importance of what they’re doing.

Whatever the motives behind their choice of clothing, it immediately leads to doubts about how useful they would be if they were offered the job. How much work would they do on a daily basis? Could they be expected to be professional?

Some of these thoughts may be unfair but they may show you, as a potential candidate, what many employers are thinking about when they are carrying out interviews. A recent UK survey suggested that 60% of employers would not even consider employing someone who appeared poorly dressed at an interview.

People say that first impressions count and it’s certainly true in this situation. Make sure that you’re creating the first impression.

From the moment that you walk into the room, your appearance should tell the interviewer that you really want the job that’s on offer.