How to Be Stylish on a Budget

1. Is Pricey Always Stylish?

Not necessarily, style can not always be translated into pricey. You could spend as much as you want or in some cases even more than you can afford and still may not like the end result. Remember, designer clothing is not the answer; the key is creating a style that is uniquely your own and more importantly suits you well. Whenever making a purchase, ask yourself these questions:

Is this attire suitable for my figure?

Will this color compliment my complexion?

Now this does not mean you should overlook quality or design. There are infinite options for finding good deals while getting fashionable and quality accessories and clothes. You can also create a whole new wardrobe by simply re-modeling old clothes and adding some new accessories.

2. Learn from Previous Mistakes

If you are going to be your own stylist, trial and error should be your modus operandi. It may be easier to shop on-line but when it comes to creating style, nothing beats the old fashioned “try it on” way. Go through colors, cuts, shapes and designs very carefully while deciding what suits you and would be helpful in creating a new look. Draw comparisons from previous decision where you made wrong choices with color combinations or accessories. If you are net savvy, seek help from style and fashion guides on the web instead of shopping on-line.

3. Create a Collection

You need to bring together a totally new collection. Reason, just because some clothes in your present catalog have similar color combination does not necessarily mean they will suit you worn together. Re-inventing your style is a lot easier when you have the luxury of choosing from a wide range of designs, colors and shapes. Boost your collection with inclusion of basic color bags and shoes such as dark and light brown and black not only for you new style but also for day to day use.

4. Be Prudent

Creating a new collection does not mean running wildly on a shopping spree. Basic purpose of this whole exercise is that you don’t have to. There is a fundamental difference between a collection and a stock pile. Simply put, once you have put together this collection you don’t need to buy new clothes every now and then. Instead you can by new accessories and try them with your existing collection to add new styles.

5. Be Patient

You need to stay focused and patient during this whole process. You are not going to become the next style sensation overnight. Get ideas from fashion magazines and blogs but don’t try them blindly. If Kate Middleton looked ravishing in a gown it doesn’t mean it will suit you also. Consider each combination thoroughly by asking yourself would this look good on me. Once you have been at it for a while you would be coming up with unique ideas of your own before you know it.