How to Choose a Dress for That Special Occasion

Some ladies, stand looking blankly at their wardrobe in fear that they have nothing to wear for that ‘special occasion’, whilst others worry that they will either be over-dressed or under-dressed when they get to the special event, and genuinely don’t enjoy themselves as they are just not comfortable in what they’re wearing.

However fear not, these simple few tricks will help you along your way.

Type of event

Consider the type of event that you are going to; is it a wedding, birthday celebration or work do? Also check your invitation to see if it states a dress code, this will give you some idea of what to wear.

What’s your role?This may seem strange, but think to yourself why am I going to this event? Are you the star of the show? Or simply the friend at a birthday party.

If it is your birthday celebrations then you want to look and feel better than all of the other guests. However, if you are only a guest, then make sure that you won’t overshadow the person’s party.

Your styleAs mentioned before sometimes you won’t enjoy an event to the max as you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Only you know your own style, so choose something that you will feel comfortable in. Stick to your own personal style and add some finishing touches that really show your personality, maybe some heeled shoes and sparkly jewellery.

ColoursThink of the time of year that you’re going. If it’s in the summer then go for more pastel colours which will make you feel summery, if you feel comfortable enough try wearing a flowery dress to really bring out the summer feel. If it’s in winter then you may want to stick with the little black dress with heels and accompany with thick black tights.

The sit down dinnerIf your occasion is a formal sit down meal, then wear a nice dress that has a patterned, glitzy bodice. This will make you feel glam and people can see the gorgeous design on your dress, even if you aren’t standing up.

The Dancing PartyIf you are going to a party and you know it’ll involve a lot of dancing, then it’s best to wear a floaty dress, so that when you’re dancing you have the freedom to move whilst on the dance floor.

The Beach WeddingSo you have an invite to a beach wedding? It’s best to wear a dress which has sleeves; this will protect you from the sun. Choose a light, floaty material which will keep you cool all day long.

The Garden PartyA simple plain dress would be perfect for this occasion, nothing too fancy as you don’t want to feel over-dressed. For the perfect look accessorize with nice jewellery and a simple flower in the hair, to add a colour burst to your outfit. Try to avoid floaty dress, which could only blow everywhere with a tiny gust of wind.