How to Choose Baby Cot Beds

Baby cot beds provide comfortable sleeping space to babies. They are cozy, easy to pack and carry. Typically, these are made of good quality cloth with some foam structuring. Baby cot beds are expensive, yet cost effective as they offer high durability. Even after the baby outgrows the bed, it provides sufficient sleeping space.


They are available in the following styles:


* Designed to fit snugly against the side of your bed.

* Places baby within safe arm’s reach to secure.

* Popular during the first 3-6 months for frequent night feedings.

Double Carry Cots:

* Offers convenience to carry two babies at once.

* Ideal for carrying twins.

* Lightweight and easy to fold for compact storage.

* Offers multiple styles to fit your budget and choice.

Carry cots:

* Best for vacations or travel.

* Convertible compact design and simple to carry.

* Perfect for family vacations and summer activities.


Follow the below-mentioned guidelines to buy the best one:

* Drop-side mechanism: Find an easy to operate cot bed with drop-side. Allows you to position it against the edge of your bed.

* Adjustable mattress: Can be lifted higher to raise the height of the bed. Easier to lift your baby in and out of the cot bed.

* Lockable swivel castors: Ensures your baby’s safety. Lock the castors when your baby is in the bed.

* Teething rails: Useful when the baby starts teething. Allows your baby to nibble on the railings without damaging the bed.

* Fun features: Look for rollers at the top and bottom rollers of the bed. Adds entertainment for the baby.

Safety Checklist

Keep in mind the following safety features before buying:

* Ensure that the bed abides with BS EN 716-1 safety code. This code assures that the it is safe to prevent your baby from climbing out.

* Check that the mattress fits bed and has no gaps more than 60mm.

* The bars of the bed should be more than 45mm to 65mm apart. The correct spacing should not allow a regular soda can to pass through.

* All paints must be non lead base and non toxic.