How to Design T Shirts For Sports Players

How to Design T Shirts For Sports Players

Players who take part in long races and games which require heavy exercise wear sweat absorbing T-shirts and thus feel comfortable while concentrating in the objectives of their game. They are also designed to carry on them, the brand logos of the sponsors who sponsor either the match or the player himself. So how do we design T-shirts for players? Let us discuss about them in the following passages;

1. Players who take part in indoor games need to use T-shirts that satisfy two very important criteria. One of them is to help themselves to T-shirts that are tight and not very heavy, as such heavy T-shirts may not allow you to move and stretch your arms. If the T-shirt is designed such that it merges with the structure of the body and gives you no reason to adjust your T-shirt every now and then, it will surely help the players to feel comfortable. Indoor games like table tennis, pool and so on, needs the use of hands more than anything else and so, we need to consider this before ordering a T-shirt to be designed for any player.

2. Loose fitting T-shirts that allow excellent air supply are needed for those who participate in long distance races under the hot sun. Also the sweat produced irritates the player and distracts his concentration from the race to his sweat drenched body. To help him in tackling a part of this problem designing T-shirts that are good sweat absorbents and porous in nature to allow air flow to cool the body is the ideal solution.

3. Games like tennis, cricket and badminton require excessive use of arms and shoulders and T-shirts should be designed for them such that they are not too tight in fitting around the torso and loose enough at the shoulders to enable unrestricted stretching of the arms for throwing the ball with great speed and accuracy and also for swinging the bat to hit the ball with tremendous force across the field in cricket and across the net in tennis.

4. T-shirts for all players will have the names of their sponsors printed on them and sometimes, this may cause irritation to the players, as printed area will not allow air flow in, for the body to be cooled. Instead of printing the logo and designs of the companies that sponsor the player and the game, it is a good alternative to either dye or sew the entire logo in the garment. Also if the names of the players are needed on the T-shirt, it is wise to use only dye based lettering.