Ideas for the Perfect Nursing Tops

Nine months have officially passed and you are able to see your beautiful baby in person. It is amazing to think that a baby can be created in just nine short months. All those special things you went through while pregnant were amazing and now you get to experience the specials things associated with being a new mom. One of the biggest joys is learning and experiencing breastfeeding between mom and baby. It is a special time for bonding and enjoying each other but there can also be some challenges. One of the biggest challenges that new mothers face is the ability to breastfeed discretely in public. The answer is to have perfect fitting nursing tops that allow for easy and discrete access during those breastfeeding sessions. Here are some great ideas for the perfect nursing tops.

Double Layer Nursing Tops

Many stores are now providing great double layer tops which allow a breastfeeding mother to lift up the top layer of her shirt to breastfeed. The top layer goes up and the bottom layer stays down to provide coverage. These tops are great because not only do they allow easy access to breastfeeding but they also provide protection and coverage for discrete nursing. These tops are quick and easy because there are no snaps or buttons to mess with because the top layer is just easily lifted.

Button Up Nursing Tops

Another great option for a top is one that either buttons all the way or partially for easy nursing access. What is great about these nursing tops is you can unbutton the area needed which will allow for discrete nursing without having to lift the entire shirt up.

Cross Over Nursing Tops

Nursing tops do not need to be boring. They can be stylish and classy while at the same time allowing a mother easy nursing access. That is exactly what cross over maternity tops provide. Cross over tops provide beautifully layers and crossed fabric that looks extremely stylish. Nobody will even know that all you have to do is pull aside the cross over layers and you can freely and discretely nurse your baby.

There are many different styles of tops that women can choose from when looking for the perfect nursing access. Double layer, button up and cross over nursing tops come in many different styles and can be found in summer or winter looks. Just because you are nursing does not mean that you need to sacrifice style or comfort.