Juicy Couture Information

Juicy Couture Information

Juicy Couture. You just pictured a sexy velour track suit didn’t you? Everyone does and that is the genius of the Juicy Couture line of clothing. This line, which contrary to its name is not couture at all has become synonymous with those fabulous track suits and a full line of sexy apparel for young women all over the globe. The Juicy line includes casual and dress clothes, accessories, handbags, shoes, and even a line for children and babies. Everything the trendy girl needs and then some!

Juicy Couture began as a small fashion label aimed at maternity pants called Travis Jeans. Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor were the masterminds behind the brand. Soon they wanted to create fashionable girls’ clothing at a lower price point then other major fashion labels. They changed their name to Juicy Couture and began the work of marketing. The two smart ladies had the idea to send their designs to celebrities, including one famous singer named Madonna. Madonna was seen wearing a Juicy track suit and their business flourished. At that time, around 1996, the line was available at only limited high end stores.

Toward the end of 2000 Juicy Couture began opening its’ own flagship stores. The popularity of the velour track suit came back, with help from lots of celebrities including former Ms. USA Shanna Moakler who wore the clothes on her MTV reality show, and Juicy became a world wide sensation. Juicy is one of the few lines that does not have a signature slogan. The company prefers, instead to have many catch phrases including, “Kiss My Couture,” “Wake Up And Smell The Couture,” and ” Peace, Love, and Juicy.” They do have a signature, and no doubt familiar crest and the phrase, “Love G&P” stitched on their labels. They used to use, “Love P&G” but had to reverse the phrasing after a lawsuit by the giant Proctor & Gamble.

The Juicy line is targeted at females aged 14-26. Until recently they had a men’s clothing line, but it has ceased operations. Juicy also has a line for plus-sized females called Extra Juicy. With all of these options it is easy to see why Juicy Couture is such a successful brand. Although, the idea that they are more affordable then some major brands is a bit misleading. The clothing is high end and as such a shopper can expect to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 for a single garment. Not cheap, but not as expensive as some major labels either.

Juicy Couture is for the female who wants to be a true girly girl, even in her track suit. For the girl who wants to look hip and feminine and who is willing to pay for designer labels that are well made and hug those feminine curves. It is also for the hip mom who wants her daughter, and yes even tiny baby to look hip and cool too, even if it comes with a Juicy price tag.