Tips for Choosing an Inmate Pen Pal Site

Nowadays, there are many sites that allow people on the outside world to send letters to inmates and also allows loved ones to list their inmate so that other people can reach out to them. Here is what you need to know about choosing an inmate pen pal site.

Pen pals help the inmates to connect and have positive relationships with people on the outside and this improves their outlook on life. If you are interested in writing a pen pal to a prisoner, you can check with those around you who might know an inmate that is interested.

Look for an established organization that has been providing inmates with connection to the outside world. With a top ranked site, you can be assured of success in finding pen pals for friendship. Make sure that the inmate pen pal company you select does not have a reputation for closing abruptly.

Before you choose a pen pal site for prisoners, verify that you are working with a reputable and genuine company. You will find that some of the companies are in charge of the prison pen pal websites as well as manage advertisements of individuals from the outside world who are looking for a pen pal in prison. Thus, it is wise to verify the company before sending them money and make sure that they have quality services. You can also seek the recommendations of the inmates who have used these services before so you can make the right decision.

Look for websites that you can easily navigate when looking for pen pals. The inmates should be listed in an orderly manner with the female and male sections separate. When you browse through their profiles, you should be able to see their photos and background information. The profiles can also be arranged based on the age-group of the prisoners. Besides, there are prison pen pal services that have an inmate locator that shows the state where they belong and some other basic information.

Each company has its own guidelines for listing and writing to an inmate. Know what is approved and what is prohibited as some sites do not allow send of money and some photos. Therefore, before using the site, inquire what the prisoner may send or receive through the mail.

Look for an inmate pen pal site that has good customer services and a support team to guide you through the process. A good company will be customer oriented and strive to ensure that you are successful using their service. You can verify this from their past clients.

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