Modifying Doll Clothes Patterns

Doll clothing patterns occasionally need to be modified to get a perfect fit. Dolls that are the same height could have diverse waist, hip and bust measurements. The measure of the arms and legs is another component that differs from one manufacturer to the other. By making slight adjustments, you can be sure to get the fit that you desire. If you want to make clothes that can be worn by various dolls, be sure to measure the biggest of the group and adjust the pattern as needed.

If the outfit will be for display purposes, you may want a more tailored look, which means an perfect fit. For britches and shorts, one of the dimensions you will need to take is the inseam. The inseam is the distance from the inside of the leg or crotch to the ankle for long britches; to the knee for shorts. You are probably accustomed to determining bust, waist and hip measurements, if you have some sewing knowledge. But don’t forget to measure around the shoulders. For turtlenecks and other collars, you need to know the neck height and circumference. To sew cuffs, you need the wrist measurement. To make full-length sleeves, you need the length of the arms. There are lots of incredible doll dress patterns for 18 inch dolls.

You can check the pattern to find out if the manufacturer of the pattern used a specific brand as a model. Such as, American Girl dolls are popular and there are numerous pattern manufacturers that have used that certain brand as their models. The majority of the doll dress patterns are created to fit the larger American Girls dolls, and thus adapt to all the other sizes also – they will just have a bit more ease, which will make them easier for a little child to dress them. A larger seam can be taken in some areas if you are wanting a slimmer fit on the smaller of the 18 inch dolls.

Older dolls may vary in shape, which can make it challenging to get a correct fit, if you don’t measure first. An example, the older American Girl dolls had calves that are larger than the ones being produced today. Doll dress patterns for 36 inch dolls are also available. You can get a pattern to create new clothing for your Cabbage Patch kids, too, but the individual measurements of the Cabbage Patch dolls are more diverse than they are among other brands.

Most pattern companies make it easy to see what the finished project might look like by including pictures of a doll dressed in a finished outfit. You can still make your piece different by choosing different fabrics, adding additional pockets or sewing on lace and additional accessories. You will find doll clothes patterns that will assist you in making dresses, jackets, blouses, vests and many other items you can imagine. They are fun crafts that could be finished in just a short time.