Nudie Jeans For Modern Day Classics

High quality denim utilized for folk clothing is often manufactured in Japan on the looms dating back to 1960s and previously utilized by Levi’s. The result is a strong and durable fabric that retains the color and structure much better than regular denim. When it comes to high quality folk clothing Nudie Jeans is one brand that hits the mark.

Established by designers who perfected the art of creating denim products from Lee, Mara Erixon, Joakim Levin Mara Erixon and Palle Stenberg establish the brand in 2001. The production is based in Italy and the designers follow classic styles in terms of shape and do not have any fashion pieces in the collection. The result is a timeless classic that complements contemporary menswear year after year in every male wardrobe.

Nudie Jeans Creation

The most popular design by Nudie Jeans is the dry selvage, Average Joe. The straight leg jeans are one of the best sellers as it compliments every body type. The fashion fits are discarded for this timeless classic shape. In fact the designers offer advice on how to get the perfect fit when purchasing the jeans. The raw Japanese selvage denim has an orange color listing that runs through each of the Nudie Jeans. This identifies the denim and sets it apart from the other manufacturers.

Passion for Classic Fashion Denim

When it comes to folk clothing, men are delighted at the range offered by Nudie Jeans. Not only is the product high quality but it is also practical and functional. It does not reflect the glamorous world of catwalks and high street fashion but rather follows long-term trends with an established attitude and a soul of its own.

Since denim ages beautifully because it to the skin of the wearer it takes on the personality of the person and develops its own character. The brand reflects the same thing in creating the fabric that is literally the second skin of the owner. The more it is worn the more beautifully it develops its own structure as the indigo color fades with time and grows with the owner.

Organic Denim for Classic Folk Clothing

High-quality denims are crafted out of cotton which is very taxing in terms of the resources it utilizes in production. In fact often utilizes 25% of all the insecticides in the world. In order to be more environmentally friendly the manufacturers of folk clothing especially Nudie Jeans look towards developing organic denim.

This is created out of hundred percent organic cotton and then blended like a yarn where it is combined with the normal production. There are preset specifications which the manufacturer conforms to in order to minimize the carbon foot print. Each of the stages of the cotton used to create the denim comes through a process of dying in spinning that are also eco-friendly.

Furthermore, in order to reduce the chemical dyes the manufacturing procedure incorporates potato starch and pre-reduced indigo along with minimizing the use of chemicals to minimize ecological and environmental damages.