Protective Biker Clothing

The rumored dangers of riding a Harley Davidson or any other motorcycle is not without warrant. However, much of the inexperienced doomsayers greatly exaggerate the risks of a catastrophic accident. There are some safety considerations that, when properly implemented, greatly reduce the impact of any accident from a minor spill to high speed collision. This is where protective clothing comes into play.

The biggest life saver of all protective gear is the helmet. That is probably why any person riding a bike motorized or otherwise, is legally required to wear a helmet. Motorcycle helmets come in a variety of styles and there is a fashionable one to match your taste. The only reason not to wear a helmet is if you have a head so extremely large that it cannot fit into any helmet. In such an event, legal papers are required to prove that you cannot wear a helmet.

The next item that everyone should have, although not required by law is a motorcycle jacket. Harley jackets are very fashionable and many enthusiasts will wear their jackets even when they are not riding. Not only does it provide extra padding and protection to the spine, elbow, and shoulders it also keeps the rider warm where it can get cold riding on the open road.

Biker pants are usually made of Kevlar and protect the legs in the event of a bike skid. It also is a good protector against particles on the road that might get kicked up into the air by other motorists. Imagine making contact with a pebble while coasting at 60mph with pants made of any other material.

Other protective gear includes gloves and boots. Gloves keep the hands warm since they will get cold because the hands are so far from the center of the body and will take a lot of wind. Boots protect the ankles and feet in the event of a collision with other motorist or with the concrete road.

Safety definitely should be a priority for any biker regardless of experience level. In fact, any experienced rider would tell you the real vulnerabilities of biking. For the most enjoyable biking experience it is a good idea that the protective gear fit properly.