Scary Miss Mary

The idea of Scary Miss Mary clothing is to allow individuals to add a quirky edge to their gothic style. Based on an intriguing storyline, these designs link to tales that you, if you have read the comic, will love. On each of the tops, this story unfolds creepy snippets of the comic, which, to be honest, is one of the reasons why this brand is so successful. The designs that you see on the apparel portrays Miss Mary, a young girl, holding a different sharp object with a slogan written underneath. If you take a look at the graphic and then the slogan, you will see they contradict each other as the slogan is usually more sweet whilst the graphic is creepy. The Scary Miss Mary theme is like no other in today’s alternative fashion industry, some of their most iconic designs includes prints and slogans like these:

‘Playtime’ while holding a chainsaw

‘Thinking of you’ with a kitchen knife in hand

‘I’m in charge’ while holding a bomb

‘No one wants to play with me’ with an axe in hand

‘Sweet and deadly’ with a bottle of acid and an apple

The way that Scary Miss Mary came about was more unusual than other brands as the idea came from a comic that was created by Jill Friemark. People who have read the book understand the humour behind every graphic and love the Miss Mary designs. Bringing two contrasting ideas together, this brand has taken a sweet innocent girl and turned her into a humorous psychopathic icon. The creepiest thing about these designs is that she is in fact a young girl, which is chilling to think about let alone wear. Scary Miss Mary is known to be the daughter of a knife throwing magician and is said to have become so obsessed with sharp objects because of her father’s profession.

The Scary Miss Mary clothing range has been known to just cater to the needs of women, however their extensive collection provides a style for every occasion. Featuring tops, hoodies, t shirts and even more in their collection, SMM ensure that individuals can express their quirky style in a range of different forms. The character is said to be an insane take on a sweet and innocent girl who has a personality similar to Freddy Krueger or Chucky. Darkly inspired and completely on edge, Scary Miss Mary is certainly a clothing range that caters to the needs of those who love their gothic style.