Seven Points to Consider When Creating an On Trend Outfit

Seven Points to Consider When Creating an On Trend Outfit

When putting together an on trend outfit there are many things that you need to consider when choosing what to wear. Your own personal style, the latest looks, trends and designs are all elements of a great look that should be thought of when purchasing new clothes or a new outfit. If you are putting one together yourself you should think about all of these when deciding what to buy.

Personal style – Your own personal style should be something to consider. Take a look at what you would normally which will give you a clear indication as to what your usual look is. There are many different types of styles out there whether you choose to follow the latest looks of the moment or perhaps you like to follow a certain trend.

Latest Looks – Checking out what is in fashion a great starting point. Coloured jeans, striped jumpers and graphic t shirts are all on trend this season. See what the celebrities are wearing too. Many A listers including Justin Timberlake, Kanye West and Jay Z are all great style icons.

Trends & Designs -Some trends and designs come and go while others will last forever. Basic jumpers, t shirts and denim jeans will last in your wardrobe for years. Pairing these with some on trend pieces will always look good.

The basics – First things first, you need to start with the basics. You should always begin with a simple looking base and add pieces to this. First of all you should start off your look with a plain t shirt or a subtle pair of jeans, this will then be the base of your outfit. Keeping it simple and plain will allow you to build upon the look. You can easily add to this with accessories and other items of clothing if you so wish.

Using layers to add to the basic look-The next thing you want to think about is what you are going to use to layer over your basic pieces to add to your look. A check shirt over a t shirt or a cardigan layered over a polo shirt can lead to an on trend look in no time. There are many different combinations when it comes to layering and there are plenty of items of clothing you can use to layer over your base clothing to finish off your on trend style. Polo shirts, t shirts and shirts, jumpers, cardigans and jackets in the seasons latest looks can all be worn as a way to layer up.

Shoes – Choosing the right pair of shoes is vital for completing a stylish look. Trainers, boots, plimsolls and shoes could easily be added to your outfit. Shoes also determine whether you want to dress casual or smart. The right pair of shoes can transform a day time look into night time outfit in no time.

Accessorising – Accessorising and adding a bag, scarf, hat or belt will add a touch of style and will make your overall style unique and different. You can match your accessories to your look or you could be a little eclectic and choose accessories that would not necessarily match your clothing, this will give a more random appearance.

All of these points should be considered when you are putting together your own look. If you are one of those guys who likes to look fashionable and trendy then perfecting it is bound to be important to you. Whatever the occasion, you like to look your best and choosing what to wear and deciding on the right thing is key to looking good at all times.