Silk Tops and Your Office Fashion

During the summer months of the year it can be hard to find comfortable, yet cool fashions for your office attire. Depending on the dress codes you are exposed to, you may or may not have a lot of options at your disposal. This is where silk tops become a great spring and summer option. There are very few fashion tops on the market today that can compete with the comfort a silk top can bring to any ensemble and in any situation. Elan International clothing is one of the leading designers in terms of fashion tops today and they too have included a wide variety of silk tops in their spring and summer line.

Silk has always been the go to fabric choice when women are searching for appropriate career and dressy attire. Even during the winter months of the year silk fashion tops can be easily layered with suit jackets and other separate pieces. Elan clothing is of late offering a very unique silk top that is perfect for summer layering. This heather grey silk tunic style tank comes with built in front pockets for style more than function. It can be worn with leggings, jeans, shorts and skirts alike. Because it is a tunic length it’s important to make sure that whatever bottom you choose to wear with it that it is not completely covered by the top, making it invisible. A good 2-3inches should visible of any bottom you choose.

Because silk is such a delicate material you will often find it blended with cotton for durability. This doesn’t make it any less appealing, just more practical for women interested in wearing their new found fashion top on a regular basis. Constant washing of a silk top can create damage to the material, but when blended with cotton you greatly eliminate this risk. Let’s picture a perfect office ensemble including this newly created Elan International casual wear top.

You can put your heavy black dress pants away for the season and switch them up with a great pair of cigarette pants. Cigarette pants offer the perfect balance between traditional dress pants with a style flare for summer, ankle length. These pants are form fitting which makes them a perfect pair with a loose and wavy tunic. Now, just because the silk tunic mentioned above is heather grey, this is not to say that you can’t choose any bright summer color to layer underneath of it. A great coral or bright pink is a great place to start, but as you have likely learned with women’s fashion today, the options certainly don’t end here.

If you are worried about the exposure of your shoulders at the work place, a simple leather jacket or cropped jean jacket would be our first suggestion as a layering option for this relaxed fashion top. You want to avoid form fitting layering options as well as sweaters and jackets that are too baggy. Right down the middle is what you need to make this ensemble work!