Ski Jackets

you’re reading this then it’s highly likely that you’re in the market for a ski jacket as you’re lucky enough to be off skiing or snowboarding this winter! It goes without saying that you want to remain warm and dry at all times – being wet and cold on the mountain is no fun at all. Check out my advice on buying the perfect jacket below and you can be sure to be comfortable and warm when skiing or snowboarding.

There are a number of features that you must consider when buying ski jackets. Comfort and warmth are primary factors alongside waterproofing, snowskirts – detachable or not, taped seams, ventilation zips as well as being multi pocketed to cater for all your needs on the mountain.

Waterproof jackets

Ideally your aim is to purchase a waterproof jacket or a jacket that has been made from waterproof fabric. The fabric that is used to make a waterproof jacket has a waterproof membrane or coating that prevents water droplets from penetrating through the fabric and consequently keeping you dry and protecting you from the harsh elements of the outdoors. Waterproof fabric is also windproof and will have taped seams making it fully waterproof. Many ski jackets have detachable hoods; this is always useful in case you’re caught in a snow storm or blizzard when up on the mountains.

Snowskirts and Multiple pockets

A snowskirt is an internal part of the jacket; the idea of a snowskirt is to prevent snow from entering the jacket, thus keeping you dry should you fall. If you’re prone to the odd fall here and there on the ski slopes than having a snowskirt should play an integral part in selecting your ski jacket. Many ski jackets are made with multiple pockets. Pockets include zipped security pockets, a lift pass pocket – essential as you don’t need to keep grabbing your pass with bulky gloves on when you need to get up the mountain. Goggle pockets are pretty useful too as it is it will usually be larger than normal to accommodate the size of the goggles. Ventilation zips on either the thigh, underarm or both are useful to cool down with and just an added advantage to the ski jacket.

Hope you find the right ski jacket and have a great trip!