So You’ve Sorted Out Your 2010 Wardrobe, Now It’s Time For Your Hair

Just like women’s clothes fashions that change each and every season, women’s hair styles do as well, meaning that if you want to be considered the ultimate style icon, you not only have to be spending your time in the town looking for the latest outfits, but also at your hairdressers getting an up-to-date hair style, too.

For 2010, there are at least half a dozen hair styles that are expected to be popular all throughout the year, meaning that there is a style suitable for everyone’s hair, regardless of its length, thickness or any other affecting factor.

Take long, plaited hair as an example. A style that almost all women will be familiar with thanks to spending hours as children plaiting each other’s hair, the idea for 2010 is to plait the hair and have it over your shoulder, off your back.

If your hair isn’t long enough for this style but sits roughly below shoulder level, then do some research into 1940s hair styles as they are definitely a look this year. Particularly suited to wavy hair, if you’re struggling for any real inspiration, just make sure that you have a side parting and that your hair appears voluptuous without being too large and you should be all set for this style.

One of the styles that is suitable for women with shorter hair is the slicked hair look. Requiring a certain level of confidence, as you’re likely to turn a few heads as the style can be particularly masculine looking, think about investing in some men’s hair products and slick your hair either straight back or to the side for something that is definitely a fashion statement for 2010.

It’s worthwhile remembering that it isn’t just hair styles that change or are considered to be in fashion in a certain season, but hair colours and accessories need to be remembered, too. Whilst the Fashionising website explains that blonde is definitely the colour of 2010, with both peroxide and golden blonde being popular choices, a prime example of a hair accessory for this year is bows. Not just any old hair bow, though; one that is big and beautiful is the idea here, helping you to stand out from the crowd and display just how much of style bearer you are.

Keeping up with the latest in women’s clothes trends is not an easy thing to do and if you have only just mastered that, thinking of trying to be on top of hair trends may just seem like that little bit too much to take on board. However, neither are as hard as some people may think they are and by making reading fashion magazines something that you do on a regular basis, as well as checking out pictures online of your favourite models and celebrities, you should be able to get a good idea of what is in – or is about to come into – fashion for both women’s clothes and hair styles for the season.