Style After 40: How To Do It Right

Women of any age want to look and feel attractive and beautiful. But many women get stuck in a rut of dressing either too young for their age. Others feel that they have to wear frumpy clothes in order to look age appropriate. But neither are true. Women over 40 can look sexy while wearing well-fitting age-appropriate clothes. With just a few fashion tips, women past the age of 40 can look and feel even better than they did in their 20s.

Obviously, your body past 40 is different then it was when you were 20 or 30. When a woman in her 40s dresses in the same clothes women in their 20s currently wear, it doesn’t look good, it looks silly. Every age has its own beauty about it, so embrace it. So, as your body changes, your clothes must change also. Finding clothes that flatter your body now looks much better than forcing yourself into clothes that fit the 20 year old you. When a woman dresses too young for her age, all it does is make her age stand out more.

What’s dressing too young?

First of all, no mini skirts. Even if you have great legs, a 40 year old woman in a mini skirt is a major fashion no no. Choose a simple A-line skirt that flatters your shape while still looking graceful. And don’t believe the rumor that pantie hose are for old ladies. A nice pair of beautiful stockings make the legs look firmer and more tone. You can never have too many skirts. Wholesale women’s clothing is a great way to buy clothes that you wear often, like skirts.

If you are heavier around your middle, wear jackets and blazers that cover up the area. A beautiful A-line skirt with a classy blazer is a classic look that works on any shape. Don’t worry about what’s in style at the moment. Style comes and goes, but classic piece will always be fashionable.

Tone down the color. You don’t have to wear all black, but keep loud colors like bright yellow and hot pink to a minimum. If you love bold colors, wear one item with that color with everything else being black. For example, wear an elegant black suit with a blue belt or scarf. You can even wear bright colored shoes. This kind of look is simple yet very fashionable.

Keep jewelry simple and elegant. Get rid of those dangly bracelets and large hoop earrings, or give them to your daughter. A woman over 40 should aim for looking classy and elegant. Beautiful beads or diamond studded earrings are a timeless classic that look good on anybody. You don’t have to worry about them ever going out of style. Wholesale fashion clothing is not the only thing you can buy in bulk – jewelry is a great bargain when you buy it wholesale as well.

Get rid of those bulky sweaters that make you look older. Wear clothes that fit you well and are made for your body type.

It’s all about the shoes. You can wear a simple conservative suit, but you can still play it up with your shoes. A beautiful pair of stilletos look amazing with any outfit, at any age.