T-Shirts – Getting Them Sold On the Internet From Scratch and Getting Your Website Noticed

Lets start off from the beginning when creating your T-Shirt or clothing business online.

This is will not be an easy process and require a lot of your time and even some of your patience.

First you must decide if you can produce the designs yourself or will you be paying a graphic designer / illustrator. Many graphic designers will charge roughly around 300$ per design but what you want to do is look for a younger but still just as talented student who is able to do it for about 60$ a design.

After you come up with a design for your first shirt make sure your designer gives you a vector file or file. This allows the image to be stretched to any size without destroying the quality. This is very important for the printing and without it your shirts will appear sloppy and unprofessional.

You will also need to find a supply of wholesale t-shirts. What I recommend is purchasing shirts that either come tagless or have tags that can be easily ripped off. For a professional looking shirt having your own tag is a must. There are many companies online to order custom made labels but what I do is get my printer to screen print or heat press a tagless label on the inside of the back of the shirt. This is becoming very popular and your customers will love it.

Once you have your shirts, give a local screen printer your design via a flashdrive or by emailing them the file and together you can decide the layout and size of the image that will be printed. The printing of your shirts depending on quantity could take up to a week or more.

As this is happening or before you will need to create a website that you will use as an electronic retailer.

If you have the budget do your research and find an affordable one. If not there are many free or close to free Website Builders that are easy to use. Theses can be found rather easy when you look for them.

You will need to create a PayPal account to get started so you can accept payments through your website. Both PayPal and Your website builder usually have good customer service and you gladly help you merge the two for payments.

Now to get your Website noticed!

Research companies that offer affordable search engine optimization(SEO). Be careful to check reviews and comments about the site to make sure its not a scam. Everything you do will require research because there are many bad so-called companies out there. I believe SEO will be your number one tool to generate traffic to your site. Creating a Facebook and Myspace will also help that is specifically for your business.

And don’t forget! Tell the world about your business! Just don’t spam.