The Art of Finding the Best Golf Clothing

When you watch golf tournaments on television, you will notice how smartly dressed the competitors are. Some players are more conservative than others in their choice of golf clothing but without exception, they will be wearing well fitting sweaters and shirts, tailored trousers, smart jackets and matching overtrousers if the weather is wet or windy.

These players are demonstrating the importance of wearing the best golf clothes to enhance, not hinder the way they play. But how does the amateur golfer find the best golf clothing?

Shopping on the high street

You will not find the best golf clothing on the high street where the fashion is about looks and not performance and durability. Some sports shops will have a small range of golf clothing but to find the best choice, you will have to look elsewhere.

Golf shops

The majority of golf clubs have a shop on their premises, usually run by the club professional, where a range of golf equipment and clothing is sold. Many people think that these shops are open to club members only but this is not correct and members of the public are very welcome. The range of clothing in these shops will vary but most will stock a basic selection.

The best choice – online.

Undoubtedly the place to find the best clothing today is online where you can browse the widest selection of shirts, sweaters, trousers, shorts, jackets, overtrousers, hats, gloves and shoes before you buy. Most of this clothing is endorsed by professional players who know from first hand experience the importance of comfortable clothing which provides functionality with style and durability. Special materials are used particularly in the manufacture of waterproof clothing to provide a high level of protection whilst leaving the wearer able to play golf in the rain without feeling restricted in any way.

Recently, the importance of a suitable base layer of clothing, especially when playing golf in the winter, has been recognised leading to the development of an extensive range of specialised underwear which not only regulates the temperature of the player but enhances performance at the same time. The best range of this special underwear is to be found online.


The best golf clothing is smart, functional and fashionable. There are several places where it can be bought but nowadays the best range is to be found online.