The Kangaroo Skin

Australia as a continent is known for its large number of kangaroos that are found there. This creatures are very important since they are a tourist attraction hence enable man to earn income when people come to see them. But that is not the only use that is used for, they provide meat at which is consumed and the leather that comes from their skin is used to make shoes.

The main reason why the kangaroos are preferred for their leather is because the hide can be prepared and reduced to considerable amount but still have the capability of being able to maintain its strength and be used to make shoes. This makes it stronger than the leather that can be able to be obtained from the cow’s hide.

The leather being somehow elastic, it is known to fit in with the shape of the feet of the player providing the best grasp for hitting the football.

Different shoe making companies have resorted to use kangaroo leather because of this and Adidas is the leading shoe company known for doing this.

The company is known for the boots known as Adidas predators that was famously worn by midfielder Craig Johnston. Craig Johnston was known to use this boots mostly when he played the matches for Liverpool. But because he got a different perception concerning the killing of kangaroos he decided to stop wearing the Adidas predators and preferred to wear boots made from synthetic materials.

But this did not deter the culling of the animals since most fans are also buying this shoes so that they can be able to be associated with their favorite players this tends to ensure that there is continued killing of the kangaroos.

Most people who are against the killings of kangaroo protest a lot concerning this animals since they believe that the species is being wiped out without being replaced especially when the mothers are being killed.

They are also claiming that whatever is being done towards this animals is not right since this animals end up being killed mercilessly and have to undergo a lot of pain.