The Most Wanted Designer Children’s Clothing in 2011

With the new year comes new clothing styles and children’s clothing are no exception. We can assure you that the designer kids clothing for 2011 will not disappoint.

One style to be on the lookout for is the look of natural simplicity. Designer children’s clothing labels, such as Miller, have taken to the whole green trend and are incorporating it into their designs. Many of the items of clothing that you will see on the market in 2011 will have a natural look and feel. Imagine the softest organic fabrics made from bamboo and cotton in light, natural hues of pink, cream, blue, yellow and orange.

Going hand-in-hand with the natural theme is the worn-in look. Several of the designer children’s clothing lines have frayed seams, raw edges and faded fabrics to give the look of vintage clothing. You will notice that this style is not saved just for casual clothing; it can be seen on dresses and skirts as well. MAAN does a great job this year with this trend.

The retro-vibe is back as well with an eclectic feel. Think of polka-dots and strips mixed together into one delicious concoction. Designers like Petit Bateau aimed for the thrown together feel and they got it. Dresses are seen with subtle floral designs and are paired with bright polka-dotted leggings. Boys clothing will have bold plaids paired with subtle stripes.

A look that has been brought back from the 80s is the beloved graffiti look. Children’s clothing will be seen with a sweeter side of graffiti in the form of hearts and stars. The look is pulled together will the brightest fluorescent colors and shiny metallics.

The designers of Chloe loved to dress the girls in lace for their 2011 preview. Think of the lace of yester-year paired down a notch to meet the innocent child-like feel. The clothes of the coming season will have hints of lace here-and-there, but will not be too overbearing. Imagine having just enough lace to make a little girl still want to twirl and that is the look that is going to be all the rage in 2011.

Finally, you must not forget the sheerest floral fabrics that many of the designer lines, like Noro, have chosen for the spring and for the fall. These fabrics have the smallest, sweetest flower designs on them that capture the essence of childhood. These fabrics will be seen in boys clothing as well as girls clothing; however, the boys will have a rougher edge than the girls will in order to keep it masculine.

No matter what your taste might be, there is something for everyone in the 2011 designer lines. Whatever style you choose for your child, do not forget that innocent and sweet will always rule in the children’s fashion world.