Top 3 watches you need to own

The great thing about watches is that you can have one for every occasion. A Watch essentially is an expression of who you are. It is a testament to the life you have built for yourself and your image in the world. The variety of different types of watches available in the market these days can confuse anyone out to make a purchase unless you’re very clear about what you want. There are however a few watches that everyone needs to have in their collection. Three types of watches that you definitely need to own are:

An Everyday Watch or a Work Watch

From the name itself it is clear that this is the watch you wear everyday or at least 5 days a week if you have a 5 day work-week. Pick this watch on the basis of your profession. If you have a white-collar job and need to be in formals then a simple and elegant dress watch can be just the thing for you. If you are a scuba instructor then a diving watch with a chronograph or other functions you want can be what you are looking for. A sturdy, rugged and water resistant diving watch can range anywhere between a few hundred rupees to over a lakh. If you are a pilot then one of the Aviator watches can be a useful accessory that fits your job description perfectly. They are stylish as well and suits the uniform of most of the people of this profession.

The gist of it all is that an everyday watch or a work watch should fit your work persona and hence you will need to pick accordingly.

A Casual Watch or a Beater Watch

If you are a corporate honcho and wear a dress watch five days a week you wouldn’t want to wear the same watch for a weekend camping trip, for sure. A Beater watch can be worn for any of your other activities such as working in the garage, out swimming, trekking, diving, fishing, or such activities. These watches are a little rugged or those that can take a rough moment once in a while. While shopping for a Beater Watch you need to keep in mind the kind of activity you are going to spend more time on. If you like to go scuba diving often then a diving watch is just perfect. If you are trekking and mountain climbing kind then you wouldn’t go wrong with a good quality Field Watch.

So you can base which you want to buy based on what you want to do.

The elegant Evening Watch or a Luxury Watch

Everyone has events and parties to attend. Black tie, elegant company, the whole works.  Well we all need a watch to match for such occasions. A nice and elegant dress watch would fit the bill nicely. Depending on your style statement you can choose between the leather strap and the bracelet kind. While buying an evening watch keep in mind the other accessories you usually wear on such occasions like a set of cufflinks or rings.

Luxury watches fit well in this category especially if you have reached that stage in life where your achievements are highlighted. Luxury watches can either be one of the latest brands with all the star studded features or may be a couple of precious stones embedded strategically or it can be an antique watch which comes with an interesting background story. Depending on your taste and lifestyle pick one which you can relate to or build your own story.

There is no particular category a formal watch can fall into; you need to pick it based on who you are and the image you want to project.