Top Five 5 Golden Rules of MMA Training

MMA training has to be done properly, cutting corners or not knowing what you are doing can cause injuries and other health problems. There are five golden rules to MMA training safe, preparing for a match safely and the responsibilities you take on when learning a martial art.

1. Responsibility outside of training

It is crucial to remember that the skills you learn at your MMA training session must only be used in a legal organised fight or in extreme cases of self-defence. It is never to be used as a weapon in street fighting. If you are MMA training and use your martial arts skills in an illegal fight, you will face dire consequences with the local authorities.

2. Warm Up and cool down

A good warm up is an essential part of MMA training. Here’s why: it helps reduce the risk of injury, the aches and pains that come with exercise. It increases the amount of oxygen-rich blood getting to your muscles, which also helps prevent stitches. Warm up gradually to prepare your muscles for the strain and improve your coordination and reaction times.

A cool down is also important: it promotes recovery and returns your body to pre work out levels; it helps with any after workout muscle soreness. Also when you exercise your heart pumps large amounts of blood into your muscles, when you stop, the blood flow decreases leaving excess blood and waste products, such as lactic acid, in your muscles causing swelling and pain. A cool down helps prevent blood pooling and removes the waste products from your muscles.

3. Cutting Weight

MMA fighters often cut weight before a weigh in to ensure they fit in the right weight category. Cutting weight needs to be done responsibly, following advice from a professional. Fighters cut weight by removing excess of water from their body. When you are cutting weight you need to eat enough calories to ensure endurance during your fight. A great way to cut weight is by using specialised MMA clothing, such as sweat suits. A sweat suit increases your sweat rates during MMA training and intensifies your workout. As a result, you cut weight fast and build your stamina at the same time. Remember to rehydrate after the weigh in!

4. Knowing your limits

It is important when MMA training not to overdo it, pushing your body too far too fast can cause serious injuries which will put you back. When MMA training you need to listen to your body, never ignore aches and pains. It is common to think that you can work through the pain and it is true to an extent, but you must be able to recognise the sort of pain that can lead you to injuries and stop. You must listen to your body and allow your muscles to recover from a workout and your injuries heal. Build gradually to avoid joint damage, muscle and ligament tear.

5. Discipline

Self-discipline is the very base of MMA training. If you want to improve – you must be dedicated and work hard. Strict fitness and diet regime will only last with a high dose of will power and determination. Controlling your emotions when in a fight is also an aspect of discipline – you need to stay calm and in control, otherwise you will make mistakes. Discipline is also knowing when to stop and take a break as well as restricting the use of your MMA skills to legal events and MMA training sessions.

MMA training is demanding but rewarding. It takes discipline, determination and will power. But if you stick to the 5 golden rules of MMA training, soon enough you will start seeing results and you will never look back!