Urban Wear Online – The New Age

Urban wear origin:

This style of clothing originated from the all famous yet infamous genre of music Hip-hop. Two things come to mind when we think of Hip-hop – music and fashion. – Giving inspiration to several different fashion styles such as street wear and urban clothing. The quickly evolving urban clothing line has given creation to a massive variety of styles. Urban clothing has now become a trend among many people you’d come across on the street.

The fashion of urban clothing has gone beyond the stereo type boxer shorts revealing jeans and large jerseys. Various brand names and designers such as Sean john, rocawear and akademiks have mushroomed into different locations to meet the ever growing demand of different styles when it comes to urban clothing.

History and effect:

As the hip-hop industry started to approach the doors of corporate American companies through its massive commercial success, artists and producers started to make capital on the link between music and fashion and gave birth to their own branded Hip-hop clothing which would eventually further increase their earnings from loyal fans. Urban clothing lines such as Sean John launched by Puff Daddy a famous rapper also Rocawear by Damon Dash and Jay-Z another famous Hip-hop star and then there is Wu-Wear and Phat Farm from Russell Simmons. With the wide spread use of the world wide web, this style of clothing as well as various different brands are now available to fashion conscious celebrities, fans and ardent followers on the internet. Trainers also known to be called sneakers by Americans, have also originated from the hip-hop culture and many artists are known to have either put their names onto special edition trainers by brands such as Nike or Adidas and some have even created their own range of trainers for mass production.

Various brands and their creators:

There are various brand names that are available in urban clothing and street wear a few of the famous and most sort after brands are as mentioned below.

• Sean John – This brand is again, launched by a hip-hop artist ‘Puff Daddy’. Because of its innovating and revolutionizing clothing line styles and trends, the Sean John clothing line was nominated for the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Award for Menswear Designer of the Year in 2000 and in 2004.

• Rocawear – A clothing brand founded by Damon Dash an American music label executive and popular hip-hop artist Jay-Z. Rocawear designs many different lines that include juniors, children wear, footwear, leather, suede and fur outfits, belts and hand baggage, big & tall and lounge wear, jewelry, and sunglasses. It is reported turnover is over $700 million annually.

• Apple Bottoms – Another clothing brand founded by yet another American rapper and entrepreneur, Nelly. He introduced this brand with a statement which goes as, “a woman shouldn’t be trying to fit into the clothes; the clothes should be fitting to the woman”. Apple Bottoms works in providing ways to make plus sized women to fit into fashionable clothing lines.

• Baby Phat – Kimora Lee, famous American model and author, created this clothing line. It’s known to specialize in urban women’s clothing lines such as garments, phone accessories, footwear, and jewelry.

• Akademiks- This urban clothing brand is popular with the aficionados of hip-hop music and fashion. This label was founded by Donwan Harrell, who is known to think that denim jeans are the best kind of clothing. Akademiks sprouted to popularity in 2001 when the brand was featured on the song by rapper Fabulous.

Online shopping and discounts:

Although buying urban wear can be steep on the pockets the revolution of the internet has provided purchase of these clothes on largely discounted and wholesale rates to the average buyer.