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How I Overcame My Personal Disability with the Help of My Children

I still remember that day vividly. At the middle school cafeteria, a boy named Jason sat across from where I was. I must have done something that annoyed him. All I remember is him shouting out loud that at least he does not stutter. It can be a challenge to try and repress something that has hurt you. Some psyches can try and block out these painful memories, but there will still be parts of the memory that remain embedded in your mind. A few years later, after meeting the boy waiting at a family restaurant, he was so gracious and kind. Both of us had grown up.

It is a fact that I do stutter. After severe speech therapy, however, I have found a way to manage this issue. This involves the fitting of an in-ear device that sets the pace with which I speak. However, carrying out a normal conversation is still a struggle. When my daughter began growing, every book that I read for her wad done slowly. I thought that by doing this, I could fool her into thinking that I was fluent. I preferred to sing to her instead of having to talk to her. I would have chosen to continue doing this, if it was not for that one time that I had to face the fear I had of speaking. As I was in the bathroom getting ready, I heard a tumble. My daughter was laying on her side at the botton of the stairs. She just made a little whimper and she seemed that she could still fully control her limbs. My hand that was at the back of the head began to be sticky as I hel her.

Calling the doctor myself was something I had never done before. I would normally go online to book the appointments or have my husband call the doctor. However, I could not get to my husband as it was a weekday morning. I nervously went to the phone and called the pediatrician. I did not think about it too much and I did not have time to rehearse.

This was the first step and I had taken it alone. Professionals at the Level Office say that finding the courage to try is the first step in making a big change. When the phone call was answered, I did my best to explain the situation that had happened. She understood and assured me that is was not a major injury. After following her instructions, my daughter healed. I then stopped skirting around my situation and read my daughter’s books without skipping a thing. It has now become easier as time passes.