Which Safari Clothes Are Best to Bring to Any Location on the Globe

Which Safari Clothes Are Best to Bring to Any Location on the Globe

Going on safari traditionally brings Africa to mind, but there are dozens of places in the world that you can travel on a safari adventure. If you are ready to begin seeing the world, then you need some basic safari clothing to get started. This guide will help you choose those pieces that can be used in any region, no matter how warm or cool.


No piece of safari clothing is more universal that a vest that is loaded with pockets for essentials, such as your camera, snacks, and tools that you will use frequently. Along with your backpack, a vest will be one of the most used pieces that you have. You will also want to include a jacket that has plenty of pockets, since most safari locations have widely changing temperatures from day to night. Remember to look for pockets!

Choose Natural Fabrics

When choosing safari clothing, remember to look for all natural materials. Not only are fabrics like cotton and linen easier to care for, they are also very durable and breathable. This means that they can be used in all but the coldest of climates, making them perfect for a wide selection of geographical locations. Most of the items that you will find are made from canvas like material, which is perfect for both the jungle and the desert.

Shorts, Pants and Shirts

The next things to look for when choosing safari clothing are shorts, pants and shirts. Again, you will want to choose clothing that is made from natural materials, and that is neutrally colored. In most geographical locations, khaki is the best choice available. Not only will this color blend in well in both deserts and jungles, it won’t trap heat like darker colors. For those interested in traveling around the world, think about investing in both shorts and pants, as well as short sleeved and long sleeved khaki shirts. This will cover all of the basic temperatures that you will encounter.

Socks, T-Shirts and Shoes

Socks are vital to your safari clothing wardrobe, no matter where you are going. Not only do they protect your feet from moisture, which can have devastating effects, socks can also provide warmth and protection for your feet. Typically, you will want to pack two or more pairs per day that you expect to be on safari. For shoes, you will want to invest in hikers, sneakers, or sandals, depending on the exact location you are traveling to.

One commonly overlooked piece of safari clothing is plain cotton t-shirts, which can be layered or worn alone to provide extra warmth at night, or to help cool down during the day. Again, you will want to choose neutral colors that blend in well with the environment. You might be tempted to go for the camouflage t-shirts available, but these aren’t as effective as simple tan t-shirts.

With just these few pieces of safari clothing, you will have the basics prepared for almost any safari location on the globe. With a few simple adjustments, such as choosing the appropriate shoe, you will be prepared and ready to see the world.