Antique jewelry is something for lovers: a pendant made of silver, a ring made of gold, each piece of course from a bygone era. If you want to buy antique jewelry, you can’t go wrong with Swaraj Shop. The providers are professionals who are familiar with jewelry. And if you want to treat yourself to something or give someone an exquisite gift, you will find the jewelry you are looking for here.

Antique jewelry in the online shop

Antique jewelry has enjoyed great popularity in recent years because it cannot be reproduced. This is mainly due to the fact that you want to emphasize your individuality through your appearance and are critical of mass production. The antique jewellery online includes, among other things, like Necklace set, Bajuband, Earrings, and bridal sets.

The vintage style, vintage jewelry. This unique piece of jewelry is more sought-after than ever and therefore even more stable in value.

Old jewelry – buy antique jewelry, sell, buy

It should be noted that a distinction must be made between actually old jewelry from the different epochs and apparently old jewelry, i.e. a reproduction. The real vintage jewelry, for example, dates from the 1930s to 1970s.

New vintage goods, on the other hand, can now be found in many clothing stores and jewelers that offer vintage items in their range. Of course, the two variants differ in price range, workmanship and material.

Of course, we also buy well-preserved antique jewelry.

Vintage jewelry, vintage style

The vintage style has been totally hip for a few years. The term vintage is understood to mean older things that are of great value. Regardless of whether it is about fashion, furniture, theme parties, accessories or jewelry. The characteristics of the vintage style are:

– Diverse and frequent use of ornaments

– Frequent use of floral shapes

– Inclusion of style features from earlier eras (cuts and patterns)

– Influence of the 1920s, 1950s

Colorful variety of antique jewelry

The vintage jewelry is available in stores, at special jewelry stores, at the flea market in second-hand shops or online. There is a lot of choice and there is the right antique jewelry for every taste. For example, you can purchase vintage earrings, vintage hair clips, hippie bracelets made of colored pearls, fashion chains with geometric figures and earrings with different motifs.

Put old jewelry in the limelight

Antique jewelry is a creative alternative to mainstream jewelry. However, one thing should be observed in any case, so that you can put your “old jewelry” in the limelight. If possible, create a harmonious look by sticking to one era, one style.

Always buy antique jewelry at a favorable price on account

At Swaraj Shop, the entire range of jewelry, artificial Bajuband for women and watches is provided with a best price guarantee, with antique jewelry there are unfortunately often no comparable pieces of jewelry, should you find one of these, of course, this also applies here, with comparable quality, since those are very significant with antique jewelry can. A purchase on account of the antique jewelry plus additional discounts is basically possible.